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Varada Art strongly believes in "God is in the details".Converting stones into a work of art to working wonderfully
with walls-Stone painting, wall painting, wall murals, Canvas Painting, Floor 3D graphic, Miniature painting, monorail painting Murals and painting are art forms that Varada has Adapted as their forte. Their expertise in converting boring Walls and flooring into a piece of art is evident from their Portfolio.

Pixel graphic art

Pixel graphic art

Honeycomb wall graphics

Honeycomb wall graphic painting, kerb stone graphic painting with add on of bollards graphics

Indoor graphic painting

Nature love indoor wall graphic art

Sports theme painting

Sports ground compound wall graphic painting

Peacock graphic painting

Wall graphic painting of peacock with abstract color combinations.


African lady art mural

Monorail column graphic painting

Add on beauty to concrete world with artistically painted columns.

Street art

compound wall graphic painting in the society.

Miniature Painting

Miniature painting embedded in the jewellery.

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