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A feather in the cap, the awareness programs supported by this Collection of Varada art is truly commend-able. The work speaks Volumes about the depth that the artist has considered. The range includes simple basic concepts of reusing through The best out of waste concept; solar lightning to more Complicated forms of art like green gardens that use Tyre art for Seating; plastic-waste and Paper Mache sculptures


Plastic bottle sparrow sculpture


upcycle tyre seating with centre table

Green Habit 2015

Upcycle art pieces with dry tree structure with comments & appreciation words on the leaves.


Tyre art Elephant

Stone art

signage design on stone.


stone art of turtle with graphic painting on the it

Red bugs

Stone art Red bugs with flowers

Bottle house

recycled plastic bottle house with a coconut tree at the entrance.

Artificial landscape

Upcycle foam flowers,mushrooms, butterflies, grass adding beauty to landscape.

Pot Art piece

Art piece with available stones, pottery, cloth with some artistic painting.

Tree Graphic

Tree Graphic Painting

Drum Seating

Upcycle drum seating

Stone Art

Stone art paper weights

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